2D Mode and the discontinuity


I wonder if there is a way to specify where the world is chopped. So instead of the break being at -180 is left edge and 180 is the right edge; we would have 0 left edge and 360 right edge, and so Pacific Ocean (180) would be the center of the map.


There should be 3 maps side by side, with the camera always on the middle map. This way you never see an edge unless the camera is at a very high altitude. Just one map instance, but mirrored in 3 places.

Signed longitude has been the convention for quite some time. Prime-Meridian 0, positive East, negative West, Anti-Meridian 180 either direction.

Heading convention has been unsigned 0 to 360 deg. However I believe signed heading makes it easier to quickly figure out direction. Just by the sign you immediately know if the heading is east or west. Just by the magnitude you know how far off it is from north.