2d scale implementation for Legend?

Hi Kevin,
Need your help in showing location bar for 2D map view. For 3D and 2.5D it's working fine. Could you please tell me what changes I need to make it work for 2D (showing lat,long and elevation)?


I wouldn’t expect it to be any different from 2.5D, really. What’s going wrong?


Hi Kevin,
pickTriangle is coming as undefined in locationbarviewmodel.js for 2D.



Which Cesium API should I use if the scale indicator can be recalculated instantly when the attitude of camera changed?

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Hi Gowtham,

My requests is similar to yours. Could you provide your source code for my reference? Looking forward your response~

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These links do not work. Do you have the code snippets to implement this?

The code linked above can still be found here:

The latest incarnation of this code (based on React now) is here:

I’m using the Open source version of CesiumJS. I’ve been using the viewer capabilities to run a script to show data on the world map. I’ve done very little development so I would consider myself a beginner when it comes to this environment. So, I may need some guidance on how to use the DistanceLegendViewModel.js and how to run this on the html viewer.

My project is very small with only 1 js file and 1 html file. To implement the Distance scale, I was imagining maybe a function or 2 in js file and a few lines in the html file to add it to the viewer. I wasn’t expecting as much code as you provided. I’m also not familiar with the jsx file format.

Is there any way you can “dumb it down” for someone learning this environment? lol