3-D vectorized globe

Hello Community, i am creating a smartphone app which metaverses the real world and i’d like the interface to be a simple 3-D globe with vectors but without maps. So the user would see his position on the globe (using GPS data) but there’d be no address.
Has anybody done this before?

Yeah, sure, but if you don’t need what Cesium is good at, perhaps use something simpler for this? :slight_smile: I don’t know the details of what you’re trying to do, of course, but the Cesium way would be to lock the globe view to the center at a global radius view, remove the globe itself (so, no map streamed), and draw a sphere with enough slices for the zoom level you’re looking at (will it always be a globe view, or will it zoom to where the user is? (You can probably create different sphere with different slices with a simple “distance between camera and location” calculation)