3 engines missing when converting airliners from .dae to .glb

Hello there,

Only one engine is rendered when converting 3D airliner models from sketchup 3D warehouse to glb. Attached find an example with an Airbus 340, but the same happens with several models.

Thanks for your attention. Regars.

Airbus+A340-600+TAM[1][1].glb (2.07 MB)

Airbus+A340-600+TAM[1][1].zip (658 KB)


Are you using our online model converter? http://cesiumjs.org/convertmodel.html

When i drag/dropped the zip file you attached onto the converter it looks to me like it converted correctly.



Hi Hanna,

Yes, I am using your online converter. Maybe you were misled by my message, since I was indicating that only one engine was rendered. In the example above, the converted airplane has two engines, while the original has four engines. In other examples only one out of two or four engines are converted, take as an example the following file from the 3D warehouse:


Thanks for your quick reply.


Hi José,

This may be the same issues as #1754.

There is a conversion stage in gltf-pipeline, which converts the graph to a tree. You could try to run gltf-pipeline on the model after converting it to glTF.

We are actively working on integrating gltf-pipeline into the online converter so this should also be fixed there in the next week or so.


Hello Patrick,

Did you manage to fix the pipeline problem in the online converter yet? If not, which are the steps to “run gltf-pipeline on the model after converting it to glTF”?

On the other hand, I get errors when running my application, which apparently have to do with Cesium rendering. Are you familiar with those? Can you shed some light on how I could overcome this problem?

Thanks in advance for your kind support.

kind regards.

The model seems to convert correctly now with the online converter. Is this correct?

For the Cesium errors you posted, it looks like one of your shaders is invalid. The second error is likely a side effect of some other issue.