3D Tiles Import

I want to upload the 3d tiles (.FBX) file I have directly from unity program. The upload was successful, but it was not uploaded according to the coordinates. Obviously the file I have is a file with GRS80 or WGS84 coordinates entered. I need your help.

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You’ll need to break this down a bit more for us before we can offer any advice. You’ve created the 3D Tiles by uploading the FBX to Cesium ion? Or have you created it some other way? In Cesium ion, you can georeference a model using the web interface, and then Cesium for Unity will honor that position/orientation.

Thanks for posting the answer. I already know the function of loading fbx from cesium for unity after uploading it from cesium ion. However, what I want to know is how to upload fbx directly to unity after applying cesium in unity without going through cesium ion. At this time, I want to be uploaded to the corresponding location/direction through the coordinates applied to the fbx.

I don’t know much about Unity’s FBX import capabilities. But assuming it imports the FBX as a standard GameObject, you should be able to attach a CesiumGlobeAnchor component to it to locate it in the world.

This is assuming the FBX coordinate system uses a standard Cartesian system that can be translated/rotated/scaled to the Unity world. If it has projected coordinates (e.g. longitude/latitude/height), you’ll probably need to unproject it before you import it. GIS tools like QGIS might be able to help with this, but I’m not sure.