3d tiles no longer appear in the correct world space position?

I had the 3d tiles actor loaded in to Unreal, I then imported some 3d generic massing blocks from 3ds max into the level and placed them correctly in world space.

Upon opening the unreal project and level again around a week later, it seems the 3d tiles have geo relocated and my massing blocks and cine cameras are no longer in the correct position in world space.

Is there any reason why this may have reset? Is there anyway to get it back to where it was? How can I ensure this doesn’t happen again?

Are you using using the sub-level system at all? If so, selecting a different sub-level will surely cause the georeference to change, which is why when using sublevels you need to make sure that all objects are either in the appropriate sub-level or they have a CesiumGlobeAnchor attached to them.

But other than sub-levels, the georeference origin should not move automatically, so I’m not sure what could have caused it to move in your case if you’re not using sub-levels. If you do pin down what causes it to happen, please let us know.

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Are you referring to ‘levels/maps’ in unreal?

I’m referring to using Unreal levels in a particular way, as Cesium sub-levels: