3d-Tileset, Points, Parameter radius of sphere, GeometricError - display of modells or not ?


could someone explain are send me a hint how to set the Parameters in the tileset.json.

I'm explizitely interested in radius of the sphere in Boundingvolume and the values for geometricError.

What Facts do the prevent or allow the disply of a Modell/Points.

I recognized effects that modells are displyed in a smaller scale if I set radius of the sphere to a value like 100.


The bounding sphere radius does not affect the scale of the model or points - it just describes the radius of the data that already exists. The bounding volume is then used for view frustum culling.

The geometric error is what actually determines when a tile refines to its children. A smaller value means it will refine later when zooming in. The geometric error is often computed from the maximum geometric error of its children, which itself is calculated from the geometry in some way. Often the radius in meters makes an ok geometric error.

Hi Sean,

thank you for the description - but one comment if you choose the radius wrong the data isn't displayed. Why ?

In one example I have choosen the radius to 100, which has the effect that my data isn't displayed. When I choose it to 1000 it is displayed !?

In my example I have no children.



It could be a different issue then. While the bounding sphere doesn’t affect the size of the geometry it does matter for the rendering engine in terms of culling and calculating the camera’s view frustum. Does your tileset fit cleanly in a 100m sphere, or does it exceed that?