3dtile symbology

Hi all,

There is point yield with more than 1 million coordinate and attribute data.
I have transformed the data as a 3d tile.
Can I add a billboard using the attributes of each point?

For example, I want to add a billboard as pharmacy.png to my points whose type is pharmacy.

Is this the most logical way to do it?

thank you

Hi @Selahattin_SISMAN,

Typically datasets containing millions of rendered as a 3D Tiles point cloud. The attribute data can be preserved so that you can style the points at runtime.

However, it sounds like you are using each point as more of a point of interest. If you’re going that route, I would suggest a BillboardCollection for performance.

Can you tell us a bit more about your use case to determine if that is appropriate?

Hi @Gabby_Getz ;

Actually what I want to do is this. There are 4 million coordinates of data. I converted these points to 3d tiles as .shp (points). point data only, not point cloud

I want to add a billboard that varies according to the attribute information for each point.

I tried the approach as below. Is there any other way and solution?

tileset.tileLoad.addEventListener(function(tile) {
let content = tile.content;

  for (let i = 0; i < content.featuresLength; ++i) {
     let feature = content.getFeature(i);
      let value = feature.getProperty('type');
      if(value === 1){
        // Add billboard