3dtiles performance and attribute data

Will a 3dtiles dataset be slow to load in cesium if features have properties that are very long text fields, i.e. over 500 characters?

Hi @Stafford_Smith,

I suppose it’s related to the size of your Tileset / number of features…The plain 500 characters need a little bit over 500 Bytes to store (uncompressed, I dont know If attributes in 3dtiles are compressed or not), which gets loaded and processed by your browser. So not that much per feature (but at e.g. 1mil features its around 500mb).

Another thing is what you want to do with the “text”. Just show the text as a “description” or some other stuff?

Best, Lennart

Thanks Lennart, agreed. The dataset has a lot of features, and the information is useless but client supplied. I think we will request is to be removed in future.