A minor bug with Dynamic Pawn


The Dynamic Pawn contains keyboard handlers “T” and “P” which create a couple of widgets.

However, the code alters the game behavior regarding mouse cursor and mouse capture to make the widgets work, and “closing” the widget doesn’t revert those changes. I’d consider this a bug (an unintended side affect). Opening and then closing the widget should return the game to the prior mouse pointer / mouse cursor handling.

(Not a big deal - because I just copied Dynamic Pawn and took out those keyboard handlers)

Hi @jdh2550,

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce this bug – at least, in PIE. When I press “T” or “P”, the mouse is freed and I’m able to interact with the widget. Once I close the widget, the cursor disappears and my camera rotates with the mouse.


Is this behavior what you’re referring to? Or am I missing something?

Hi @janine

I make a lousy QA tester - I forgot one important bit of information.

I’m using the following settings:

  1. When I start PIE my mouse capture works as intended (hold down right to look around)
  2. I then bring up a widget (such as time of day)
  3. Once I dismiss the widget the camera rotates with the mouse (whereas I want it to go back to capture during right mouse down).

So, I think the best fix is to query and remember these settings when the widget is setup and restore them when the widget is torn down.