Access GeoJSON loaded features based on criterion value ranges

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I have loaded a GeoJSON file into Cesium as shown in point 2.
The GeoJSON consits of 3 regions and each region has a lot of several features in it with some information I can request when clicking on it in the Viewer.
Is there a possibility to access each single feature based on the information assigned to the feature? E.g. every feature has a value for "Height above ground" and I want to colorize any feature that lies between a defined range in this criterion.

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var geojsonDataSource = new Cesium.GeoJsonDataSource();
        var geojsonUrl = 'data/test_lf_20190624_lv95.geojson';
        geojsonDataSource.load(geojsonUrl).then(function () {

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Colorize features based on defined criterion ranges.

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Cesium v.1.58
Chrome 75.0.3770.100

TO precise it: The features loaded from GeoJSON are Entities which have a set of properties which I want to compare based on a value range.

I think you would need to loop over the created entities, and then modify them/colorize them as needed. This code example does something similar to extrude the polygons:

Once vector tiles are a part of 3D Tiles, it should be possible to use the styling language to do this, in the same way you can color buildings by height in the new york city examples on Sandcastle. Let me know if this helps!