Age of image layers

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I first thought that this was an artifact in the zoom levels, but then realized that it is rather a question of time (the Shenzhen airport got a second runway around a decade ago and thus, the higher zoom level seems to be older image data). So my question is: Is there a way to tell how old the image data is?


Link to the sandbox: Link

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I recently ran into this same issue myself. This is something the imagery provider would need to include. For example, this ArcGIS imagery provider allows you to click on a location on a map and get some stored metadata:

The Cesium ion Bing Imagery layer does not have such information, but it does look like the Bing API has a separate route for obtaining this information, so it may be technically possible in the future. See the “vintage start” date in this route:

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If you need a small part of the area, then you can try using the ImageProvider interface, more precisely, the classes based on it. Here is an example

This way you can control the data yourself