Agent Based Modeling

I’m building a 2D “Agent Based Modeling” framework that I am considering moving to WebGL. ABM is can be understood via NetLogo, the best known ABM:

The key idea is adding live interaction to otherwise static media. So “cars” (agents) on “roads” (patches) that interact (avoid collision, obeying lights & stop signs). The data in the roads would be available to cars geometrically: ask the patch I’m on if there are cars nearby (avoidance) or if there is a stop sign or light ahead.

Here is an agentscript ant pheromone model as an example: where the ants are looking either for food or for the home nest, following pheromones dropped by other ants.

My bet is there are several apps (models) built upon Cesium that are interactive in that way. The help I need is:

1 - Pointers to Cesium based ABM-like frameworks or apps. Couldn’t fine “agent based model” via search.

2 - Pointers to similar apps which would help me understand Cesium integration of ABM dynamics


I don’t know of any that specifically deal with 2d agent processing, but I know there are many GeoSpacial 3D applications dealing with satellites and aircraft collision detection.

Cesium could easily integrate with any application that processes this sort of data. I imagine most of the work would occur in the applications main processing layers while Cesium would render the agents and provide some additional utilities such as distance and LoS calculations.

There is a thesis out in the wild that may also provide some additional incite into this:’14/Draft-Harpalani-3D-TrafficFlowVisualization.pdf

Thanks Mike, looks promising.

Feel free to keep us posted on the project. I’m sure you will get some great feedback and assistance from this forum. It would also make for a great showcase when you’re done.