Always rotate to specific position (Vector3.LookAt)

I need to place a marker (some kind of an arrow) and make it always rotate to a specific position.
I have experience in working with 3D engines, specifically in Unity. when I want to rotate an object to always face a specific point in space, I can use methods such as LookAt and many other rotation abilities.
Is it currently possible to achieve this with cesiumJS?

Welcome to the Cesium Community, @Mangares!

It depends on how you’re planning to create the arrow. For example, if your arrow is a Polyline, a Polyline takes in two or more Cartesian points as its position. You can change the point that correspond to the head of the arrow to be in the direction of the point of interest.

Alternatively, if your arrow is a gltf or glb model, you can alter the orientation of the model, as in this example: Cesium Sandcastle.