Apply duration in node matrix transformation [Solved]

Hello Members,
I apologize for frequently asking. I’m very curious to know about cesium functionalities.

This time I want to know how to do node matrix transformation with time without using NodeTransformationProperty.

I got success on successfully transform nodes of a model by using Node.matrix.

But it’s challenging for me to apply transformation with time.

Please have a look to this example sandcastle link.

If you press “Transform” button, “Skeleton_arm_joint_L__3_” node immediately rotates on z-axis.
I want it to rotate slowly with time.

In simple words: How to apply duration on its transformation?.

Let’s say if duration is 5.0 secs, node should complete it’s rotation in 5.0 seconds.

It seems it will need SampledPositionProperty and TranslationRotationScale to manage rotation with time. But I’m not understanding how to do it with given example.

Is it possible by using Node.matrix?

I’ve gone through CZML based sandcastle example. But I’m not using CZML in my project.

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SampledPositionProperty is really a magical key here. Here is the working example for someone who wants to perform node matrix transformation morphing like me. :beers:

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Hi @Jacky,

Thank you very much for sharing your questions (and your solutions :raised_hands:)!


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