Apply materials like contour or color ramp based on elevation to a gLTFmodel

I was actually investigating for the past couple of days on applying functionalities such as contour and rendering color based on elevation to my custom gLTF file which i just loaded from my local machine to the cesium viewer by creating a simple demo setup.

i found the above example from sandcastle which is exactly what i want but in this case the materials are applied to 3D tileset but not gltf.
I am confused that is it even possible to do apply such materials functionality to gltf model that is loaded from local machine?

Hey @rahuljainnn, it isn’t currently supported in CesiumJS to apply these elevation/slope materials onto custom models or 3D Tiles.

Hey @omar that for consideration .If cesium does not currently support what could possibily be the solution for it? …

Anyone here have any alternate solution for it , please help.

i am still struggling with this omar. My best idea off the top of my head is to generate a texture with elevation colors or contour lines using But maybe if you or the community have a better solution for it because i want to change the contour lines at runtime.