Are Cesium sensors deprecated?

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I wonder if Cesium sensors are deprecated now? I can’t find anything in the official docs, just a few examples on this site eg. but they are not working.

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I’d like to display sensor measure ranges on Cesium map.

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It was renamed to the ion analytics SDK! You can read about it here:

thanks, but unfortunately ION sdk is a paid service. Really is there no other way to use? Has anyone worked with svg-s within cesium map? used this on Leaflet for a 2d project to display sensor measure ranges.


  1. május 17., péntek 15:59:45 UTC+2 időpontban Omar Shehata a következőt írta:

For SVGs, none of the code examples on Sandcastle use it, but any example that uses an image can be replaced with a link to an SVG. For example:

What kind of project are you working on? Do you need real-time visibility analysis, or are you just trying to mark areas of visiblity that are known ahead of time?