Are High DPI map tiles supported?

How do I enable high dpi tiles (512 x 512) to load when using 4K monitors. The standard tiles look blurry?

**Is there any plans to support vector map data such as the new mapbox vector tile data? **

Many thanks


The tiles you load in CesiumJS will be as high of a resolution as your input data. Do you have 512x512 tiles that you’re trying to load? Or do you have an imagery file that you’re hosting on Cesium ion? There’s a couple things you can do to make sure it’s rendering at the right resolution on a 4K monitor, like making sure viewer.resolutionScale is 1 (or higher). You can also make sure viewer.scene.globe is loading the highest available resolution tiles by setting the maximumScreeeSpaceError to 1.5 or 1.2. Let me know if these tips help.

We do have an issue open for adding support for vector tiles, but no timeline yet: