B3dm pick specific surface

I have gltf files that I convert to b3dm by ‘3D Tiles Tools’ converter.
When I am working with pick position on gltf I can get the sepsific surface name that I click on it by :
const pickedObject = this.viewer.scene.pick(event.position); console.log(pickedObject.mesh.name );

After I convert this gltf to b3dm and serve it as 3dtiles I can’t find a way to get this specific surface that was clicked on.

In b3dm I can find the array of all the surfaces in pickedObject.content._model._runtime.rootNodes[0].publicNode._name
but i don’t know which surface is clicked.

My question is what the b3dm ‘pick’ equivalent to #gltf.mesh.name?

console.log of gltf picked object:

What is your source data representing? Is it 3D buildings, or is it like a CAD model of some kind?