Basemap is clipped for certain Layers in IE


I have the following application:

The data layers are pulled from ArcGIS Server.

It works fine on Mozilla and Chrome; but on Microsoft Internet Explorer when I choose any activity that does not start with "all" from Activity drop down, the base layer is clopped only to data layer.

Once again, this only happens on IE and other browsers are fine.

Any one know what's going wrong there?


Could you give me a more specific example please? I wasn’t sure which things to select to reproduce the problem.



Thank you Hanna

Here is an example:

Under ACtivity choose:

(FFP) 25465 Burundi Multi Year Assistance Program (MYAP)

it is the 4th entry from the top.

Leave everything untouched. Then click on render the map.

It works fine under chrome and firefox, but under IE the base map is clipped to the boundary of the polygon that is going to be shown.

Thank you again for your help



This looks like a bug in Cesium. I’ve filed an issue here:

If you don’t change the layer.hue, the imagery should render fine.