Best way to visually represent vehicle velocity?

I have vehicle velocity data stored as North, East, and Down velocities (in meters/second), as well as position data. I would like to display this velocity data visually on a vehicle simulation, perhaps using an arrow attached to the vehicle or something similar. My question is, what is the easiest way to pass this data into a CZML file so that it can be represented in the simulation?

What format is this data stored in? You could write a script to convert it into CZML syntax, or if it’s simpler you could parse it directly in JavaScript and create the samples directly in your CesiumJS app, similar to how this code example sets up the vehicles motion and wheel orientation (except in this example the data is generated):

You may also find the discussion in this thread helpful, where I showed an example of creating a dynamic arrow that shows the vehicle’s velocity for debugging purposes:

Thanks for the reply. The data is stored in a CSV file, which I am parsing into CZML. I was eventually able to implement a velocity arrow both ways: by calculating end coordinates for a polyline arrow before passing it into the application, and by passing the N, E, D values in directly and creating a polyline arrow from there using built-in Cesium functions.