Bing Transactions per visit?

We are looking into the tileset we wish to use and are trying to estimate the number of bing transactions we might need. Does anyone have a ball park figure of how many transactions a single visit uses?

It’s really hard to say because it is entirely dependent on the type of views you expect your applications to be used for. I don’t think anyone has done any kind of rigorous study with hard numbers. For what it’s worth, we are also looking into reducing the number of tiles Cesium retrieves in any given scene.

Sorry I don’t have more details for you, hopefully someone else has performed similar analysis and can share their results.

This article talks a lot about the bing maps transaction

I am in no way an authority on this, but I believe if you start a session for the user then you would only get charged a single transaction for loading each of the layers. Then each time your user performed a GeoLocation lookup that would also count as a unique transaction.

Once again, do not take that answer as definitive, Support at Bing Maps should be able to provide the authoritative answer