Can I make some areas baking or static mesh in cesium?

First of all, please understand that my English is not good.

I’m asking you this question due to the phenomenon of Texture loading when moving from place to place.
So, is it possible to bake some areas or make a static mesh and use them?

And I’m asking if Caesium can be used even offline, where the Internet is not working.

Hi @Fox_Yang,

No worries. You’re welcome to type in your native language; we can use Google Translate to figure out the rest :slight_smile:

It’s not possible to bake areas from a dataset into a static mesh. Downloading areas of an online dataset violates many data providers’ terms of use. However, if you’re using Cesium World Terrain specifically, you’re welcome to license it from us for offline use, along with Sentinel-2 imagery. If interested, you can contact for more information.

If you’re using your own data, however, you can just use Cesium for Unreal to load it offline at no additional charge. I should also mention that we’re working on some improvements to texture loading performance and memory; you can find that progress on Github.

Thank you for your reply.
So if I don’t have my own data, I can’t use it offline other than buying a license?
Or is there a way to disable LOD?

I’m confused because there are ‘yes’ and ‘no’ while I’m looking into this, so please check it again.