Can we set bounding volume for 3d models?

There is a 3d model uploaded on cesium ion. I wanted to set the bounding Volume of that model. I have studied the docs and it seems that we can’t change the bounding Volume of 3d model which is upload on cesium ion . I 'm right or is there any ?

Welcome to the Cesium community @SriniDevalla! Can you explain a bit more what you’re trying to accomplish?

I wanted to change the bounding Volume for the 3d Model but after reading the cesium doc I came to know that we can’t change the bounding Volume of a 3d model which is uploaded on cesium ion.

Actually I wanted to optimize my application I had read this doc
Currently my cesiumJs application get crashed or shows an error "Failed to execute ‘shaderSource’ on ‘WebGLRenderingContext’ " or error related to WebGL my browser is chrome and it supports WebGL.
I have tried to mange tileset.maximumMemoryUsuage and tileset.maximumScreenSpaceError it render less tiles. Is there other alternative way through which I can avoid this error?

What type of data are you loading in that’s causing this crash? Are you able to share a Sandcastle example showing this crash?

It is .glb file a refinery model created by blender. sandcastle example

Thanks for posting your Sandcastle. I think part of the issue here is that the maximumMemoryUsage parameter does not limit the amount of tiles loading, causing this crash. This issue is documented on GitHub here:

This is also something we can improve on the Cesium ion tiling side to create a more optimized tileset for this type of input.