Cannot add .vctr file in asset folder to display it in the map

Hi there! I am totally new with Cesium. And i need to check if original tileset was cut the right way. However i’ve got a bunch of .vctr - files I should review, but i actually have zero idea how to implement it in SandCastle. In fact, after adding these tiles on the production map i’ve discovered that a huge part wasn’t draw correctly: one part is missing in the place it should be, and in other place it seems like it was some kind of overlapping, i guess (and i need to check if it is so). Could you please help me a little or give a tip what data i need to provide to make it further?


Cesium ion does not currently support tiling vctr files. See our list of supported formats.

Can you provide us some more information about your workflow so we can better understand and try to recommend a solution?

  • How are you adding the vctr files to the production map?
  • Is it the vctr tiles data that isn’t drawing correctly, or is it the underlying asset? Are you able to provide an asset id for asset?
  • Are you able to provide a sandcastle link that illustrates your issue?