Can't locate Travis CI packages on Github

I am trying to access the packages built via Travis CI in the fix-eu5.2 branch, but I can’t locate them after scouring the repo twice. The notes at the bottom of the page tell me: " To access these packages, click the :heavy_check_mark: icon on the GitHub branch or commit and click the Details next to plugin-package-combined."

When I do so I end up at a build summary for the most recent commit (such as here) but I don’t see where to download the built package.

If anyone cant point me in the right direction that would be helpful, thanks!

Sorry, those instructions are for our old Travis CI based builds and were correct for UE4. But for UE5, we use GitHub Actions and the instructions are a bit different.

I wrote an issue for us to address this:

But the short version is that you should use the build from the UE 5.2 pull request:

Finding the build is annoyingly difficult. GitHub’s UI is not the best here. First click the “Checks” tab at the top:

Then click where it says “Cesium for Unreal, on: push”:

Then scroll down to the “Artifacts” section. Choose the build for your UE version (so CesiumForUnreal-52-* if you want a UE 5.2 build), and then select the build that doesn’t mention a particular operating system (because that one contains all operating systems).

So in this case, you want the one named

Download that and extract it to your C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.2\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace directory (or equivalent on your system). You might need to create the Marketplace directory.

Let me know if that works for you.


Thanks a lot for helping me find that Kevin! I was able to get the plugin working in 5.2 just fine.