Cesium 1.46 release

Hello everyone,

We’re starting the Cesium 1.46 release process. It will be out later today.



Cesium 1.46 is out!

Check out the blog post https://cesium.com/blog/2018/06/01/cesium-version-1.46-released/

The Build folder has grown 2 MB in one month, 3 MB in 3 months. What’s going on?

v1.43 = 12.6 MB

v1.45 = 13.6 MB

v1.46 = 15.7 MB



New features require more code. Between 1.43 and 1.45 Draco decoding support was added, using a large third-party dependency. However, that dependency is only loaded when needed. Between 1.45 and 1.46, materials on ground primitives (https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/pull/6393) resulted in each of the workers (one per type of geometry, about 35 different types) pulling in about 40 new dependencies into each individual worker file. However, again, worker files are only loaded on demand when required, to create a specific type of geometry.

Ultimately the size of the files on disk is less relevant than the total amount of data downloaded by the browser at runtime, since there are many files, such as workers, assets, imagery, css files, etc. which are only loaded when specifically needed.