Cesium 1.8 release

We’re starting the 1.8 release. It will be available later today.


Cesium 1.8 is out: http://cesiumjs.org/2015/04/01/Cesium-version-1.8-released/


Hello Patrick

From the changelog i’ve seen that the tileset “smallterrain” will be not available from the v1.11 of Cesium.

Does it means that the version 11 will be not able to read heightmap-1.0 elevation data, or simply that the generic dataset that you host will be no longer available?


Hi Umberto,

We will no longer host the smallterrain dataset. Use STK World Terrain; it is much better.

Heightmap-1.0 will still be supported, but its performance is not as good as quantized-mesh.