Cesium for unity,fly to cause out of memory

cesium for unity, the interval between two latitude and longitude is too small to perform flyto. Adjusting the GranularityDegrees of Cesium FlytoController will cause out of memory

Can you describe the problem you’re seeing in more detail? I’m not quite following.

When going from one latitude and longitude flyto to another, if the difference between the two values is too small, flyto will not execute. If you set the value of GranularityDegrees on Cesium FlytoController to too small, the memory will run out and unity will die. cesium for unity is version 1.4

Sounds like you need this recent change to Cesium for Unreal ported to Unity:

We’d welcome a pull request for that. Or, in the meantime, you can probably work around the problem just by setting the GranularityDegrees to an appropriate value for the distance you’re planning to cover in your flight.

Here’s the corresponding Unity issue:

Okay, thank you.