Cesium Ion Draco Compression

Hi ,

I am confused about Draco Compression. We use citygml tile sets for our website. When we are going to upload a new gml file, some upload options appear (see below). Draco compression is one of them and we always upload our data with this option turned on. I saw something in a presentation (see below), NYC CityGML Datatesed compressed with Gzip and ratio is better than other with draco and Gzip. Now, for better performance; do we need to do something different before uploading our data with draco compression or it is enough upload just like this?


Thank you for your question! From what I can tell, the screenshot that you provided seems to be the optimal way to upload your data with Draco compression if you are uploading a zip file. However, I believe that uploading a gzip file and using Draco Compression will yield better performance in terms of storage management and refinement speed. Here is a great blog post about Draco compression for point clouds:

Let me know if you have any further questions.