cesium support post?

I have a problem. If you add agent, no problem. But if you don’t add agent, you can report 400. I don’t know if I can load it with post.

initHSLayer(viewer, h) {


Cesium.cachedLayer.hs = viewer.imageryLayers.addImageryProvider(new Cesium.ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider({

url: conf.mapConfig.floodLaryUrl,

layerDefs: {"0":"CONTOURMAX=${parseInt(h, 10)}"}



Can you describe a bit more what you’re trying to do? It looks like you’re getting a 400 HTTP error when accessing a resource on a specific host? Is this your own server? Is the code you provided the one that does not work? You said you had a way to make it work (add an agent), can you show the code for that?