Cesium terrain highlight

How to highlight part of a terrain and darken it with parts? please

Can you please explain what you’re trying to achieve in more detail?

I want to highlight the terrain of a certain area, like this image

There’s no built-in feature to do that. You’ll have to either:

  • render your own lines, using normal Unreal mechanisms. I’m not very familiar with Unreal’s line rendering support, so I probably can’t help much here.
  • serve the lines as 2D images (tiled textures) that can be draped over terrain, for example, from a WMS or TMS server. Then attach an appropriate CesiumRasterOverlay component for the type of server you’re using, so that Cesium for Unreal requests and renders your images. For example, you could load a GeoJSON with the line definitions into Geoserver, and then use a CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay component to render the lines on top of the terrain surface.