Cesium3DTileFeature Floor Coverage with Maximum Bounding Rectangle in terms of length and width

1. A concise explanation of the problem you're experiencing.

I want to get the length and width of the Cesium3DTileFeature in terms of Maximum Bounding Rectangle.

The function viewer.scene.pick(movement.endPosition), in case of MOUSE_MOVE or viewer.scene.pick(movement.position), in case of LEFT_CLICK may return a Cesium3DTileFeature. If Cesium3DTileFeature is returned and that feature is a building with a certain floor coverage, then I want to know its maximum length and maximum width coverage. Though these details can be released with the feature itself through the service, but if the feature lacks information of length and width. Then how to get the length and width, may be using the primitives or entities classes or methods.

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// Found a Cesium3DTileFeature, in my case building
var feature = viewer.scene.pick(movement.endposition);

var rectangle = feature.getMaximumBoundingRectangle();
var cover = feature.getMaximumFloorCover(); // more abstract
var featurelLength = feature.getFeatureLength();
var featureWidth = feature.getFeatureWidth();

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I want to create a certain width of land around the Cesium3DTileFeature.

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Version 1.42, Windows 10, Chrome

Hi there,

I think the only way you can retrieve this information from the Cesium3DTileFeature is by setting the data as a property, then retrieving that property. You don’t have access to the underlying primitive through the API.