CesiumJS equivalent to Extended Data on Placemark in KML?

Good afternoon... What support does Cesium have for associating extended data or properties to a pin mark created with pinBuilder. Google Earth API and KML supported extended data which could be associated with a placemark so I was wondering what would be the equivlanet in Cesium. Thanks for your time..

It depends on exactly what you mean. JavaScript objects can be extended with arbitrary properties, so there’s no need for us to give you a special place to put extended data. The PinBuilder returns Canvas instances which need to be displayed using an Entity or Billboard. In both cases, you can simply add extra properties to either of them them (I would not add properties to the Canvas).

We are actually in the process of better exposing our high-level Entity API, which is probably a better match for projects migrating from Google Earth. I actually just wrote this rather lengthy post that gives a good overview of where we are going and might answer your question.

If you can provide some more context for your use case, I can hopefully point you in a more concrete direction.

We’re storing a name of a polygon graphic in the kml file, but once the file is loaded, I’m unable to retrieve the graphic name. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place or I just plain don’t know what I’m doing. The kml files are referenced in a large kmz file so I don’t want to parse the files individually. Should the name be accessible after loading? or can I load the name into the ExtendedData? I’ve given a Placemark example below. Maybe ‘name’ is a bad choice of the tag? Getting overwritten?







nameExample.kml (739 Bytes)

Hi Scott,

When a feature is processed, it should be saved as the Entity.name property, see https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/blob/master/Source/DataSources/KmlDataSource.js#L1651