Characters drop through terrain above ~12,600-12,700m

I have a third person level that also includes a dynamic pawn. If I switch from the third person character to the dynamic pawn (unpossess/possess) the third person character falls through the terrain if the dynamic pawn is above about 12,600-12,700m. My level BP disables physics on the third person character when it is unpossessed. Do I need to have a sublevel for high altitudes?

Hi @creplogle,

I’m not totally sure why this is happening, but you can try the following:

  • Open the World Settings window. Make sure that Enable World Bounds Checks is disabled.
  • Make sure that the logic you are using to disable physics is actually working as intended.
  • If that doesn’t help, try saving the position of the third person character when it is unpossessed. Move the third person character back to this location when returning to the third person character.

Let me know if any of this is helpful - I suspect it’s due to tiles unloading, but if there’s an underlying problem I’ll take a closer look.