Creating Cesium vectors using STK Components

I'd like to use STK Components with the Cesium beta jar to generate a CZML file which contains vector information that will be displayed on the Cesium globe when the CZML is added to it. I've created a GraphicalVector object and set its Vector, VectorGraphics, and Point information. I've also added an IdentiferExtension. When I use the CesiumWriter to generate the CZML, I'm getting a string like this "" which I'm assuming is just writing out the beginning and ending bracket for a JSON object. Can someone supply a bit of working example code for me to see how to correctly generate a vector (velocity, sun, etc...) in CZML? What I'm trying to do is obviously not quite right.


Hi Peter,

I’m assuming you’re using CesiumPacketGenerator? If so, did you call createCesiumGenerators on it? You need to call that, and give it the list of GraphicalVectors and other ExtensibleObjects that you want to write to the stream, before calling generateAllPackets.

If that doesn’t help, can you share a part of the code you have so far?