Custom terrain provider tile service for CesiumJS

I’m trying to build a plugin for the CesiumJS control that pulls the Azure Maps DEM tile service in as a terrain provider. I’m able to easily retrieve elevations for individual pixels in one of these tiles and get the geospatial web mercator (3857) or WGS84 decimal degree (4836) coordinates for each elevation data point easily.

I am trying to figure out the following;

  1. Is there a good sample for creating a custom terrain provider that has elevation data for a bunch of points from a tile service? Would I have to create a quantized mesh from the points as part of the provider?

  2. The tile service only provides tiles at zoom level 13. Would an existing terrain provider already support a “source” tile range and already pull tiles from the nearest available zoom level and up/down sample, or would I have to do this?

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