CZML Document links

Greetings everyone,

I was looking how to split CZML document into chunks, to have smaller size files. Generally speaking, CZML plays just fine if you load one file, then download another and apply it, but you have to do it manually, you have to create a kind of a client which will triggers downloading of the document and add it to Cesium data source.

It would be nice to have a way to encode a Link to next CZML document in CZML itself. I’m looking was somebody already working on that kind of extension for CZML?

As I see this, there should be a trigger, geospatial and time based. Geospatial trigger activates on certain screenError for a camera, or other camera position related properties. Time trigger activates on certain values of the clock.

In a simple case trigger just loads CZML on activated (And optional one on being deactivated). With some additional properties, related to tracking of entity ids of loaded child document (sould they be unloaded on trigger deactivation etc).

It looks like AGI have implemented a halve of that with Sensors:

So did anybody worked in that direction, and what are you thoughts on that? Maybe it’s generally a bad idea?