CZML Label Width

I’ve noticed in my CZML data source that when my label text gets too long, the pixelOffset is ignored or overridden. Is this intended behavior? And if so, is there a way to increase the width so that the pixelOffset is maintained even with long labels? I’ve attached a CZML file that can be dragged into’s viewer to show my issue.


LabelWidth.czml (41.3 KB)

I believe everything is working as intended. Are you attempting to align the label with the right side of the billboard? If so, you should add “horizontalOrigin”:“LEFT” to your labels so that they grow to the right. By default, labels are centered on their position and grow equally in both directions as the text gets longer, so setting the pixel offset to look correct for one string is not going to be where you want it for a longer or shorter string.

Hope that answers your question; if not let me know.