Data security in Cesium


I am working on a project that actually use GoogleEarth but because of datas security questions we are looking for an other technology.
In fact our customer want a warranty that the datas contained in our kml file will not be recover by anyone.
In that context, Cesium seems to be a good solution, but I did not found anything on that point.

Could you please help me to find some answers ?

Thank you,

Amaury Schwartz

Amaury, I’m not sure exactly what you are asking.

Cesium applications are executed client side. That means that there is no requirement to transmit any sort of data to the server or a third-party. The only time Cesium reaches out to other servers is if it is configured for streaming imagery, terrain, and geocoding. Loading a file in out-of-the-box Cesium will never share that data with anyone.

If you are interested in running Cesium completely disconnected from everything else, you might be interested in this wiki page:

So I think I’ve answered your question, but please provide more information if I did not.

Ok, thank you.

My question was about the access to external map services like Bing Maps. I don't know what kind of requests are sent and if it could be used.
I am working in aeronautic domain and gps positions informations written on our kml file are critical.

Thank you for your answers, I think Offline-Guide can help me.