Data Streaming Calculation

Do tiles created from las and it’s compressed laz cost the same streaming data when export to S3?

I created tile from about 90MB las file from S3, the tile size is 11.86MB, but when I export it to S3, the streaming data in the usage page is increased about 95MB, what’s the size used for usage calculation, not the tile size?

And then I used a laz file compressed from the same las file, the laz size is about 11MB, but the tile size is also 11.86MB. So las file and it’s compressed laz file will have the same tile size in cesium? And the usage also increased about 95MB.

The size of the full tileset is what counts towards your streaming quota. So otherwise identical data, one las formatted and the other laz formatted, have no affect on streaming quota because the output tileset is the same.
If this isn’t the behavior you are seeing could you please share the asset ids of the assets you are referencing so we can take a look.

The asset id is 1828031. The tile size showing in cesium is 11.86 MB. When I export it to S3, the data streaming in usage page increased 94.9 MB.


We were able to find the reason for this issue and have pushed a fix for it. You should now be able to view the correct streaming quota in your account. Please reach out again if you have any issues.