Developing shader GLSL's


For some reason the 2nd edit to any prebuilt shader causes the build tooling to stuck with this error message (On Windows):

            triggerUncaughtException(err, true /* fromPromise */);

[Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, open 'cesium\packages\engine\Source\Shaders\Builtin\CzmBuiltins.js'] {
  errno: -4048,
  code: 'EPERM',
  syscall: 'open',
  path: 'cesium\\packages\\engine\\Source\\Shaders\\Builtin\\CzmBuiltins.js'

I am wondering what would be the correct way to develop the GLSL shaders?

On mac osx this does not happen. I am starting to wonder if this has something to do with Windows malware detection scan etc. I will try to disable those from Cesium source folder next.

Thanks @v12424124_34, let us know what you find.

If we need to make any adjustments to the build process, we’re can do so.