Do we wanted to differentiate between static and non-static class naming?

I’m not sure if there’s an agreed upon existing convention in JavaScript for it, but all of our classes are capitalized, regardless if they are static or not. The only way to find out is to look at the code (or I guess the documentation). The only suggestion I could find was Crockford’s rule to use all caps for global variables (which is what I guess our static classes really are (global to at least the Cesium namespace) and normal capitalization for instance based classes.

This isn’t a huge problem now, but could easily be a pain point for our API moving forward (I’ve ran into it myself a few times already). Should we decide on a convention or leave things as is?

Using C++ terminology, our static classes are the same as our namespace (Cesium). Some libraries use caps for namespaces, e.g., three.js and tween.js, and others use Pascal Case. I suppose I prefer Pascal Case, but would be OK with caps if there is enough interest.

Scott, what is widely used?