Draco-Compressed Point Cloud Batch Table Attributes

Hey guys, I am trying to add a batch-table per-point attribute to my draco compressed .pnts files. I can get it to work by embedding the JSON array directly in the batch table JSON, but want the smaller file sizes that come from the draco-compressed binary format. From the spec:

byteOffset and byteLength are not defined in the Batch Table extension; all compressed data is stored in the Feature Table binary.

I’m a bit confused by this. I take this to mean that you don’t include a batch table binary in the file, you just add another attribute to the feature table. I have tried this, but it seems that Cesium doesn’t look in the feature table in this case, I get the error:

Property HAG requires a batch table binary.

I stepped through the Cesium loader code and found that its just checking for a batch table binary, not checking the compressed feature table.

I’m not sure if I am misunderstanding the spec or this is a bug in Cesium. Thanks.