Drawn object Style content differently


in my polygon drawing on Cesium I can’t get any further with one point and hope for support / help.

Let’s say I randomly draw a polygon and when I click on the polygon with the mouse, as shown in the screenshot, a box opens on the right where a camera and the ID can be seen.

I would like to prevent this somehow and instead display or replace them with my own design.
I want it to pop out like Bootstrap’s “off canvas sidebar” and with more content from right to left. Or is there some easy way to style the Cesium field differently?

I ask for support.
Thanks in advance for any little help.

You want to customize default infoBox. You may get idea from this stackoverflow post by emacky.

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Hey @Jacky,

thanks for the reply and support.
I’ll take a look and report back.
I’ll report back if I was successful or not.


I looked at the 2 links but had no success at all.

There has to be something tangible where I can touch or grab it.

I ask for solutions or help.
I want it to open from right to left like offcanvas like in Bootstrap (Offcanvas · Bootstrap v5.0) and also apply my own style there for more…

How do I do that and what could I do about it?
Please help.

thanks in advance