Dynamic Cropping

I am looking to implement a dynamic cropping feature, that has 3 main requirements

  • The user is able to dynamically draw an area within the point cloud to crop (a rectangular selection)
  • Only render/display the points within the bounds of the selected horizontal plane
  • Calculate the number of points that are contained within the selected area.

From looking at the available cesium features and sandcastle examples, I figure a combination of using ClippingPlanes and BoundingSphere (or BoundingRectangle) elements
would be most suited to implementing these features.

Does this sound feasible or are there other features of Cesium that would be better suited to implementing these requirements?


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Welcome to the community! :smiley: :rocket:

Your application seems very interesting. I would be curious to learn more about how the dynamic cropping feature fits into your broader use case. I think you are on the right track! A combination of ClippingPlanes and BoundingSphere elements sounds perfect for this feature. This is certainly a more involved feature to implement but Iā€™m sure you can handle it. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I am looking forward to learning more.