Feature Ideas: No-Culling Volume & Caching Tiles

Hey Cesium Team!

I imagine 2 features that would be greatly helpful.

  1. No-Culling Volume. A volume in which all of the contained tiles never unload or switch back to a lower quality tile. This is good for experiences that intend a certain set of tiles to be loaded as environment and never intend to unload or look worse again, even if the player is looking a different direction or isn’t looking often.

  2. Caching Volume: A volume that will store tiles in their maximum quality locally so they can be used offline as well as be instantly loaded when the experience begins. This would help greatly for experiences running in locations without internet, ensure maximum quality for cinematics, and help in situations where loading speed is key.

If there are any features likes this already, any direction would be great to achieve this.

Thank you for listening to my suggestions!