Fly to curve not working


I have a FloatingPawn at a high altitude and am using the Fly to Longitude Latitude Height to animate a flight path to a building. The problem is that when I provide an altitude curve to the component, it doesn’t work as expected. A flat curve produces linear animation. Starting at x=0, y=1 and ending at x=1, y=0 makes the pawn fly up before flying down. Starting at x=0, y=0 and ending at x=1, y=1 does the same. Any y values below 0 causes the pawn to fly into the earth before coming back up. It appears the y value corresponds to altitude making it impossible to create one curve for any initial altitude.

Is this a bug or am I misunderstanding how the curve should work?


I see the description of the curve says that y is a percentage of the max altitude. Is there any way to treat y like the difference in altitudes between initial and final?

Hello @rrioja,

As you found in your second comment, the y in that particular curve represents a percentage of the max altitude. The max altitude itself is set in a different curve that represents the max altitude (y) given a flight distance (x). If I recall correctly, you can clear the the altitude curve and then it will just linearly interpolate between the start and end points. Additionally, to get it to speed up in the beginning of the flight and slow down at the end, use the progress curve.

-Nithin Pranesh