Talk proposals for FOSS4GNA 2019 are due January 16:

FOSS4GNA will be in San Diego in April. This is a great place to share your work and always a rewarding conference to participate in!

For inspiration, here's some of the past FOSS4G talks given by members of the Cesium community:

- Using Cesium and Open Source for Visualization of Atmospheric and Space Science Data, Fernando Sanchez, LASP
- mago3D. Let’s integrate BIM/AEC with 3D GIS on your web browser., Jinwoo Park, Byeongcheol Bae, Gaia3D
- Bentley’s travels in the open source world, Pano Voudouris & Martin Icking, Bentley Systems
- Weather from 250 miles up, Matthew Lammers, NASA
- Local and regional planning in 3D, Justin P. Martinez, DRCOG
- HOWL: 3D/4D mapping and visualization of Oregon’s wildlands, Ricardo Morin, Ricardo Morin LLC
- NASA: Mapping software for rapid science decision making while exploring lava flows to simulate a human Mars mission, Tamar E. Cohen, et al., Ames Research Center
- Processing imagery from the world’s largest fleet of private satellites, Markus Muller & Michael Weisman, Planet