GEFS, suggestion. I have talked to a CesiumJS coder/programmer about this idea,

Both sides(US Air force)(USSR Air Force), me included, have discussed a brilliant idea. There should be a weapons plugin only for the SU-35 and the other jet and the weapons plugin will only work with people that have this plugin. In our idea, the bullets that are fired can only be seen and or inflict damage on someone else only if they have this plugin. NO MISSLES, just guns attached to the plane and simple bombs, nothing too fancy. And the callsign of the people with a plugin should be different from people who dont have the plugin, and It should only be used by people who have registered to the GEFS site, NO FOOS!!! The weapons that are requested are simple guns on the jets and simple bombs,again… nothing TOO fancy. BUT, we also recommend that the bullets will not only affect the jets that have the plugins, but also commercial aircraft, because the US airforce has been using the 747 as a cargo plane to deliver secret info around allied airspace. This will be crucial for our ongoing war with Air Teas Air force (USA) and our Soviet Air force. We want to prove that we can protect Soviet Airspace.

From a frequent GEFS flier and the leader of the USSR Airforce,

-USSR Airforce 01

Erm. I assume this is referring to the flight simulator.

That project uses Cesium, but your request has absolutely nothing to do with the Cesium library itself. That’s strictly to do with the features that the GEFS application decides to implement.